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EternaX Webdesign is your professional partner for professional web design in Paderborn and throughout Germany. We offer all services related to the creation and maintenance of a professional website or microsite. To ensure that a homepage is positioned as high as possible in the search results of Google and other search engines, it is necessary to consider this during its creation. Only those who are truly knowledgeable in the field of web design can keep track of all the measures that need to be taken. For us, web design also includes optimizing the site for search engines and social media channels. Our proprietary SEO software is capable of automating many areas of search engine optimization - we also take care of the manual tasks that need to be done.

SEO texts that we can automatically create for your website not only work well for achieving a good ranking in search engine results, but they also provide actual value for your human visitors. Our SEOText software generates highly relevant and high-quality content that is not only interesting for search engines. Whether it's an online business card, one-pager, landing page, or comprehensive website - the basic purpose is essentially always the same: to attract the interest of new visitors and serve as a point of contact for existing customers for inquiries and service topics. But which online presence is most suitable for your case, we will be happy to determine together with you. By using content management systems such as Wordpress, we are able to create a website that you can manage entirely on your own after its creation. We take care of the installation, web design, and initial content, and from there you can take over if you wish.

The time it takes for Google and other search engines to include a newly created or structurally revised website in their search index depends primarily on how regularly you have made changes to your site in the past. We are happy to support you in regularly presenting fresh content on your website. Feel free to contact us via our contact form and schedule a phone call or video call appointment where we can introduce our web design services and answer all your questions.


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